Medical Beauty Treatment in Maspalomas

Medical Beauty


The Medical Beauty Concept – the treatment method of the future

The combination of synergetic dermaceutical products and innovative device system. From purity by way of the best skin regeneration to active age repair.


BDR Produktübersicht


The Medical Beauty Concept for sensational skin improvement in cases of

  • deep wrinkles
  • acne and inflammation
  • sun-damaged skin
  • scars and weals


1 Treatment system

5 Treatment functions

15 different treatments


What is special about bdr and for whom is this treatment suitable?

With the future-oriented method Beauty Defect Repair, visible and traceable improvements to the skin can be achieved immediately. The treatment successes are based on the gentle and intensive bdr micro-stimulation, dermabrasion, light therapy, and massage technology (such as manual lymph drainage).

Up to 60,000 micro follicles are created with the patented bdr micro-technology. Exclusively single-use applicators minimise the risk of infection. A firmly defined penetration depth guarantees a safe and even micro-stimulation. A sustainable effect is guaranteed and thus the special success by means of the direct insertion of the specific serums.

All ingredients are suitable for both allergic and/or sensitive skin.



eMask „Good Vibes“


BDR Vibrationsmaske

Stress and strain from inside and out will cause facial muscles to become increasingly tense. This tension can lead to permanent lines and wrinkles. With advancing age, our skin’s metabolic process subsides and communication between cells decline. An increased toxin accumulation will create a pale and gray complexion. 

With a fresh and luminous appearance, the "Good Vibes" eMask elates the skin! This treatment supports the metabolic process and releases unwanted toxins from the tissue, providing an overall sense of long lasting wellbeing.



eMask - Ray of Light LED mask


BDR e-mask


The new electronic mask ("eMask") „Ray of Light“ is generated by multiple LEDs. It's relaxing heat gently opens pores and excels the absorption of bdr dermaceuticals. Stressed and irritated skin becomes calmed and soothed. The skin is reactivated with improved blood circulation. A refreshed complexion instantly appears brighter and even. The special wavelength of the LED diodes stimulates the fibroblasts. By activating the collagen production, skin elasticity and firmness will improve and darkened areas of the skin are lightened.



Profipeel handpiece

Profipeel S/M for dermabrasion and reactivation of the fibroblast function for skin refining and in cases of pigmentation disorder.



Perforation XS

The intensive treatment for a local and punctual skin regeneration and partial tissue tightening. Can be used to reduce wrinkles and improve scars (except keloidal scars).



XL handpiece


The technology consists of a stimulation cushion, with which the upper layer of the epidermis is opened in a pleasant manner. The micro-opening reduces the diffusion barrier of the skin surface. Highly concentrated bdr active ingredients can penetrate more easily, quickly and in greater amounts into the epidermis.

The following skin functions become activated:

  • Stimulation of the micro-circulation by means of mechanical stimulation of the skin receptors
  • Reactivation of all skin functions
  • Stimulation of the skin’s own repair system
  • Skin regeneration by means of improved cell distribution
  • Stimulation of the collagen and elastin production




Treatments and Prices

bdr Caliming Light treatment  60 min 60 €
bdr Akne treatment A 80 min 80 €
bdr Akne treatment B 45 min 45 €
bdr Akne treatment C 20 min 25 €
bdr freshness boost 45 min 55 €
bdr radianting moments eyes 30 min 29 €
bdr correction treatment 45 min 55 €
bdr fruit acid treatment 30/ 45 min 49 €
bdr Stimulation traetment  90 min 90 €
bdr Age-controling treatment   120 min 120 €
bdr pampering treatment 90 min 85 €
bdr vital power treatment  60 min 59 €
bdr anti-wrinkle treatment 45 min 79 €
bdr Shortbreak for men  45 min 69 €
bdr Dynamic man  90 min 95 €

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